Niko’s Egg-Painter robot (OpenBuilds)

EggBot is one type of drawbot  that draws eggs and a big variety of round objects. Bruce Shapiro created the original “eggbot” in Spring of 1990. In 2009 Ben Trombley and Brian Schmalz  turned  the eggbot into a commercial robot kit  for home-assembly and use. They also created the first version of the software that allows you to create drawings in Inkscape and plot them to the eggbot. In 2010 the Eggbot team joined forces with Windell Oskay and Lenore Edman of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories to introduce the new Eggbot 2.0 kit. A typical EggBot has two stepper motors one mini servo, one arm with a pen and one micro controller in order to control the motors. The one stepper motor is responsible to rotate the egg the second stepper is responsible to move the arm with the pen and the mini servo is responsible to lift up and down the pen. Due to the simplicity of the EggBot design many users make their own EggBot, using various materials for the chassis and various microcontrollers to control it. As the Inkscape (a freeware illustration program) allows you to control an EggBot, V-slots products are the perfect choice for the design of that open project. Here is my design:


This design has a perfect functionality (the same as the original EggBot professional), a perfect cable and microcontroller arrangement, and a perfect cost as it uses a minimum list of parts (with one V-Slot Linear Rail size20mm x 80mm and length 500mm you can build 3 EggBots!)

Here is the list of the OpenBuild Parts:

1 X V-Slot Linear Rail size20mm x 80mm and length 500mm (SKU LP-165)

1 X Ball Bearing 625 2RS 5x16x5  (SKU 30)

4 X L Bracket (SKU 485)

1 X Spacer Block (SKU 580)

1 X Motor Mount Plate for Nema 17 Stepper Motor (SKU 575)

1 X Motor Mount Plate for Nema 23 Stepper Motor (SKU 910)

2 X Self Tapping Screw (SKU 720)

1 X Tee Nuts (25 Pack) (M5) (SKU 50)

8 X Low Profile Screws M5(8mm) (SKU 115)

2 X Low Profile Screws M5(10mm) (SKU 120)

3 X Low Profile Screws M5(20mm) (SKU 750)

1 X Socket Head Screws M3 (25 Pack) (SKU 856)

2 X Lock Collar (5mm) (SKU 160)

The 3D parts are the following:



  • 1 X EiBotBoard

Software: Inkscape


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